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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 1, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to this location a crew was circling looking out for hotspots. last night, thick smoke poured in the air. firefighters from multiple answers were battling a wild land blaze yesterday that sent the smoke so high that it could be seen for miles. crews were battling two brushfires simultaneously citing dry conditions as a factor. one fire was at the los gatos golf course and the second threatened homes on curry drive seven miles away. beyond and lisa had front row seats headed up the hill to several multimillion dollar homes. >> i started hearing all of the helicopters and airplanes flying by and i saw a bunch of smoke billowing up. >> residents along the area were
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among those evacuated at 7:00 p.m. the crews allowed some residents to return home. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. crews are still working to figure out what started the place and they expect to continue monitoring the area for the next 24 hours. >> this fire was seven miles arm and it stretched the resources of the fire crews. we flew over where it broke out in the woods at the golf course near center road. crews were delayed in responding here because they were so busy at the hillside fire in south san jose. the flames burned between four and five acres and some golfers kept playing while crews from other cities like gilroy helped to battle the flames. you know the golfers. it took less than four hours to control the blaze of the investigators are looking for the cause.
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>> oakland will have all fire stations manned and ready to go. two years ago they began rotating fire station closings as a way of saving money which are called brownouts affecting two stations a day over three-day period. because of the improved economy all stations now are up and running. officials say it could not have come at a better time because of the drought and the high fire danger. >> the mayor quan has not shown proof of insurance following the last month traffic accident according to the lawyer representing the other driver involved. june 8 she hit another car at 26 and market and the lawyers say his klein needs roof of insurance to get her car rare. law requires drivers to carry roof of insurance and share the information after a collision. mayor quan says she told the driver-carry was inyou are should bit city and the woman never asked to see recover of in. in oakland police hope a new school will fight prostitution.
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the department launched a website to shame suspected pimps and johns with mug shots names, birthdates and city of residence. the people have been charge, not convicted and are innocent until proven guilty. >> a school supervisor to live more faces sexual abuse charges in a a case that police say involve as 14-year-old student. he worked at livermore valley chatter school since 2005 and police say the abuse occurred between 2010 and 2011. he taught create in -- karate in after after school program. a man kills himself when the sheriff deputies tried to help him when the deputies found the man's dog dead in a park. that followed a tip that the dog owner was suicidal and he was spotted and they tried to stop him. >> he was driving erratically and deputies were in pursuit on
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northbound 101 exceeding 100 miles per hour and we lost the vehicle and it exited and off-ramp from northbound 101 and collided with another vehicle, causing the first vehicle to roll. >> the man being chased shot himself to death. the driver in the rollover suffer minor injuries. >> e-bay commuters face delays when a car carrier overturned with two vehicles toppling on the pavement yesterday evening. the tow trucks righted the two cars that blocked the ramp. no one was hurt. it took more than an hour to clear the wreckage. >> the united states soccer team has a game with beam -- belgium. >> a star american player is returning but the referee could be holding a four-year grudge. we explain.
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>> win or go home in high stakes game between the united states and belgium. usa! usa! >> fans are excited that the key striker is back after an injury and ready to play. >> we want more. we are hungry. we are focused. >> both are going head to head for a place in the quarter final. bemedium is coming off three straight wins and team u.s.a. is eyeing a referee assigned to the game from algeria. in 2010 the usa knocked am majorria out of the world cup. >> we hope it is not a concern and we hope he continues to referee the perfect way he has done so far. is it a good feeling? no. >> fans believe the united states can pull out a victory and the players are joining in the famous chant. >> i believe we will win. i believe we will win. i believe we will win. >> i believe we will win.
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>> we are not a team that earn as lot of respect. >> whole country is excited. maybe too excited. >> some are superstitious. ask the family of usa captain dempsey. >> we are exciteed. we are getting superstitious. >> if usa victorious they will face argentina or switzerland this weekend. >> in san francisco, can you watch usa on the big screen for free at the civic center plaza at 1:00 o'clock with the viewing party including the 9:00 a.m. game between argentina and switzerland. san jose is throwing a world cup big screen viewing party but only the usa game this. you are encouraged to wear hats and sun
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belgium and the united states play at 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. go to cup unwith extensive coverage including a daily wrap and game schedule. >> leyla gulen if i want to watch the gale on the big screen, how is the weather? >> noise in san francisco, and mild, and mostly sunny but it will be cooler than yesterday. in the mid-60's to lower 70's. if you are in san jose, however, that is where you will be feeling the heat. it will be in the 90 this, as well, and upper 80's. here is live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, are showing usually morning fog and reduced visibility along the coast and the commute could be hampered and patchy clouds are going to be slow to dissipate over the course of the afternoon. the next 12 hours, with the clouds, we will see mostly sunshine later and by noon and
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4:00 p.m. it will be warm inland and 94 is the average temperature and 84 by the day and 62 degrees along the coast and still maintaining the coastal breeze and cooler conditions and when we hit the overnight hours it will be clouds and fog again and temperatures are dipping by tomorrow and i will have the seven-day forecast in a bit. i want to get to manage very serious, we have a fatal crash that has been confirmed by c.h.p. northbound along 880 in oakland and that is where we have a motorcycle that was hit and did result in a fatality. we have lanes block and c.h.p. is on scene with other emergency crews. be careful northbound 880 at 98th. we have a bart delay because of power issues with 15-minute delay in dublin/pleasanton so if you need to head out there, there is going for be a delay and i will keep you updated. i will give you autopsy the
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updates. eight train, all running on time. now, a look at what is happening at the toll plaza if you are coming in from emeryville at san francisco it is still quiet. 4:39. millions in california will get a raise where a hike in the minimum wage. some are calling it not good enough. >> putting a cap on time spent at football practice, a controversial bill that coaches say does more harm than good. >> a street corner in san francisco is be transformed. >> the record-setting social media world cup, twitter hit 389,000 tweets were sent after the brazil win over chile, a report, and the tournament prompted a billion facebook interactions. the first phone designed to protect privacy is on the way, the super secure black phone began shipping yesterday and
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sells for $629. >> can you see how important americans thing their smartphone is, and 47 percent would not last 24 hours without the phone and 91 percent claim it is as important as their car and deodorant
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>> happening today, the california minimum wage is going up as new laws take effect the minimum wage will take the first of two scheduled increases. today, the minimum wage will rise to $9 an hour and the minimum wage will bump up, again, to $10 an hour starting january 2016. washington has the highest minimum wage of any state at $9.32 an hour bay area labor advocates argue the wage
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increase is good it is not a livable wage for many families who cannot make help's meet. berkeley willin' the fit against sugar-sweetened drinks and the city council will vote whether to police a soda tax on the november ballot. it is a one cent per ounce general tax on companies that distribute soda, sweetened tea and other benefit programs with added sugar. diet soda, baby formula, milk, alcohol, and 100 percent juice drinks would be exempt. >> a.c. transit riders will use a new fare system to speed up boarding. paper transfers go away and riders can get a day pass for local service and they will get discounts on clipper card fares. officials say the new system will not mean a hike in fares and the cost stays the same for local and trans by service. with the elimination, passengers is to pay the full fare each time they board. the new pass permitted unlimited
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local rides all day and costs $5 for adults and $2.50 for youth, seniors and disabled. >> commuter whose use golden gate transit ferries and buses pay more. ticket fees are up 5 percent is 25 to 50 cents more a trip that will not affect local routes in marin or ferries that go to joyans game. >> on the last day of the supreme court session the justices handed down a decision against obamacare ruling family-owned companies do not is to offer some types of contraception based on religious belief. >> the oklahoma-based grown family owns hobby lobby and under the obamacare must provide 20 types of contraceptives to employees. the greens feel four keeps including morning after pill are forms of abortion against their
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rehippous believes. >> the supreme court sided with the greens. >> the supreme court recognized american families do not lose their fundamental right when they open a family business. >> it is the first time the supreme court has ever ruled that for profit businesses can hold religious views under federal law that one justice feared this is a mind field and a legal expert sees the rule as narrow. >> it applies, so far, only to this particular belief in a closely held corporation. >> not a publicly traded corporation. >> outside the hobby lobby in concord, customers split over the decision. >> that is their belief. i go for that. >> it is a step back. everyone should have their choice. >> obama administration will work with congress to provide coverage to all impacted women. >> the decision jeopardizes the
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health of employed women. >> hobby lobby has 15,000 employees across the nation. >> presidents show americans do not have confidence in congress or president obama and it appears the supreme court is slipping, too. a new poll finds that only 30 james of americans have confidence in the supreme court. that is a record low for the court and a 7 percent drop since 2012. confidence in the president is at 29 percent. congress is at a record low of 7 percent. >> we want to introduce you to an artist who is bringing south america for san francisco. we learned about the artist in an e-mail from a viewer. he is painting a mural showing a brazilian rain forest at mission and brazil avenue. he hopes you will do more than "see" the mural. >> i want everyone to go to a different place. we sounded by so much concrete
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and people busy and not thinking about their surroundings and i want to thing about something different, change perspective. >> he teaches art at high school and says he likes creating free murals because they bring directly to the people. >> pretty. >> i know the heat is still on but it is damp in san francisco. >> it is damp. a change from yesterday. we were hot inland and will be, still, today, but it will be cooler in man places including in problem so that could be where you want to have one of your viewing parties for the world cup. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd radar satellite, and this is why we have the area of low-to-upper coming back into the bay area and that is bringing an increase in fog and, also, some coastal drizzle with a damp windshield. we have a red flag warning and a different story as we move further inland for our south
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lake tahoe and reno and yosemite and we are going to experience thunderstorms and that is why there is a red flag warping high winds and try conditions and the possibility of lightning. make sure you are careful. back at home, current temperatures show at the bart station it is 59 degrees in concord and 62 in walnut creek and 55 in hair, and 59 at sfo, and 54 in daly city. as we talk about the fog, starting tomorrow we. see the fog pushing in and that is going to increase overnight and we will wake up to and clouds and those will dissipate over the afternoon hours but it could take extra time and that will cool us down a bit. tonight, we have a game so we have the giants taking on the card falls at at&t park with first pitch at 7:15 with fog coming back. 66 to get us going and 61 by the end of the game. >> our highs today across the
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bay area starting in san jose it will be cooler than yesterday and we could see 90-degree temperature reading here and there and 85 is expected in san jose and 81 in sunnyvale and 82 in redwood city and cooler along the coast at 64 in pacifica and san francisco and 66 degrees under filtered sunshine and 79 in santa rosa and 83 in california together and the east bay and 71 in berkeley and 76 in castro valley and still warm inland and 89 in pittsburg and 93 in antioch. our lows are going to be cool and damp. 52 degrees at half moon bay and 59 in concord and 54 and dry and mild in antioch. my seven-day outlook shows as we move into the middle of the work week the temperatures will dip ever so slightly for the fourth of july the warm and comfortable dry and then the temperatures will come back up again. as we talk traffic, we have a serious accident in oakland involving a fatality that is
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shutting down all lanes northbound on 880 and it is a sig-alert and it will be until further notice so c.h.p. will keep us abreast of all of the details and i want to warn you to avoid 880 and take 580 at 98th avenue if you headed up toward the oakland airport, i know you might have to take some surface streets to get this so watch out nor that in affect until further notice. from dublin/pleasanton to mission believe south is 16 minutes. from 101 to cupertino is five minutes. a bill could change high school football is on the governor's deck limiting time for football practice, specifically limiting full contact football practice to 90 minutes twice a week and bans two a day practices on consecutive difficulties. the bill calls for a player who suffered a concussion to be
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automatically sidelined for a week until they cleared. one coach says this could be hurtful becauseƱi they reduce te player's readiness to play. a state law goes interest affect regarding batteries in your smoke alarm. the law states all battery-operated smoke alarms or combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarm sold and installed in california must have ten year nonremovable batteries. the institute of fire engineers more than 100 million united states homes are without smoke detectors. >> coming up, how happy are you when you fly? an airline has a bright idea to test the inflight emotions of the passengers. >> a crazy ending to the
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>> happening today in the spirit of the world cup and to show support for team u.s.a., a restaurant is calling for a full
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on boycott of belgium waffles. the waffle house says "we don't believe in belgium waffles," and the chain is encouraging everyone to eat american waffles instead and the waffle house say they do not serve belgium waffles and would not start now. >> leyla gulen? >> a perfect morning for waffles. the american kind. our three day forecast, tomorrow, we are going to trend cooler and although 90 degrees does not sound cool, it is cooler than 104. we do have warm conditions inland and the bay is 80 degrees and the coast is 52, but it will be steady through the end of the week fourth of july holiday it will be dry, as well, with more on that in a little bit. we have very serious things to
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talk about in traffic with a full freeway closure in oakland, northbound side of 880 up to 98th avenue we have a report of a fatality and c.h.p. is shutting down all lanes. big rigs are allowed to take 580. normally they are not allowed to but that will be an alternate. 98th is next to the oakland airport and you will need detours. you want to avoid this at all costs. beyond the scene a couple of lanes are open and then traffic will be able to flow better. it will be a problem the next couple of hours. [ inaudible ] than you, leyla gulen. doctors say women do taught need an annual pelvic exam. the american check of physicians says it is not necessary for women with an average risk of cancer or pelvic diseases who are not pregnant and have in symptoms. the test does not save lives and is not that good at detecting cancer. the recommendation says that the
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tests should be performed every these years. 80 percent of women say the exam causes distress. a student driver in massachusetts had the most "bad" first drive experiences you can imagine. here is the 16-year-old vehicle flipped upside down after driving just 50' she made a right turn at a top sign but did not straighten the wheel and the car turned to a tree, climbed the trunk and flipped over. no one was hurt. the girl is ekstromly embarrassed and will have a great story to tell. >> first and last time behind the wheel. >> an airline wants to get inside your head in an effort to improve the flying experience. british airlines has developed a "happiness blanket" to analyze the mental state of a passenger. you can see how it works in the youtube video posted bit airline, blanket is embedded with fiber optics that change
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colors baseed on brainwaves based on a head band showing calmness and stress. >> an east bay community puts the most rowdy citizens on notice and richmond will deal with those who do not let the city council take care of business. >> promise from the san francisco mayor on the new transbayst that will happen, but who will pay for the rooftop plaza? stay
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don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. ahhh! wh there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. the clock just struck. i am katie marzullo here for kristen sze. >> that was dramatic. clock strikes at 5:00. >> it is going to be cooler as you may notice. it was hot yesterday. taking a look at the camera, we have early morning fog and patchy fog and that will cool things counsel. it will be warm and dry for the fourth of july with a warm-up. the temperatures will come back up. we have a full freeway closing in oakland northbound side of the nimitz 880 at 98th and that is due to a major injury accident and we were reporting it was a fatality and c.h.p.


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